7 out of 10 family businesses won’t survive to the next generation! My Landmine Detection Map will help you identify your family’s obstacles.

Your Proven Coach-Guided Family Business System

My mission to give you free tools and support so you can move past family challenges like the ones I faced in our 90 year old business. My system includes:

  • Access to free tools like my Family Business Survival Kit
  • My Family Business Playbook will teach your family how to discuss the issues that blow up too many families
  • Short videos you should ask others to watch & discuss on conflict, succession & more see the videos here
  • Join a study group so you can teach you to “Learn to Lead”, “Learn to Laugh” or “Learn to Leave” & find peace in your family

Start beating the odds today! – Click Here to Watch A Free Family Business Survival Video My Son & I Made For Your Family!