Your family business can be your dream job or your nightmare. I’ve helped families nationwide since 1999 keep their family business dreams on track.

Your Proven Coach-Guided Family Business System

My vision is to create a leadership & communications training center for family business champions. Whether you’re strong and want to get stronger or frustrated and want to gain clarity and strength we’ve got you covered!  My system includes:

  • Free tools like my Landmine Detection Map  & Family Business Survival Kit 
  • Short videos you share with your family so you can learn how to be a winning team today! Watch the first video here
  • My Family Business Playbook will give you step-by-step exercises you can use on yourself and your family
  • Join our confidential online discussion rooms where you can vent, ask questions and find peace with a tribe of like-minded family business champions!
  • Start right now with email, text or phone advice! You’ll be relieved to learn how others how dealt with your same issue. Check out our Success System now!

Start beating the odds today! – Click Here to Watch A Free Family Business Survival Video My Son & I Made For Your Family!